Who's Who

Who's Who

Priest in Charge

The Reverend Danny Walker

Tel: 01287 644907

email: revdannywalker@outlook.com



All Saints, Easington

Vicky Rushin-Chape

Tel: 01287 642401

email: vickyrushin@gmail.com


St Hilda's, Liverton Mines

Glenda Hudson

Tel: 01287 640712


St Michael's, Liverton

Karen Ward

Tel: 01287 641209


PCC Secretary (all churches)

Chris Pressick

Tel: 01287 641068

email: chris7773p@gmail.com


Safeguarding Officer

Alan Gardner

Tel: 01287 203907 

Email: all@thegardners.org.uk


Youth and Families Project

Anne Lennon

Tel: 07463 900928

email: sthildasyouthie@outlook.com


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