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Day Two

Today's update is shorter than usual but I've got plenty of beautiful pictures to show from today's adventure. Alan says thank you to Chris and Avril for the very kind sponsorship who he met today. 🙂 He managed to find an aptly named pint in preparation for tomorrow's stormy weather! (Tent replacement plan has been actioned today)

Day 2 (and a bit)

Today was a day of two halves, level walking at first with lots of route finding problems followed by lots of cliffs and more ups and downs.

At one point I followed a sign for the coast path only to be sent the way I'd just come. I never found the sign for the other direction but thankfully the map came to my aid.

My walking legs are working well and my feet are adjusting. Today I am camping on the cliffs a little North of a village called Porthtowan.

I hope I can find a good spot after these two pints of Sea Fury. A stormy night followed by a stormy day tomorrow so I hope I can find a sheltered spot.


Day One

A mixed day for Alan. He was ahead of schedule this morning thanks to getting a bit of a start yesterday but the terrain is hard going and he has been let down by his most crucial piece of kit in torrential rain: his new tent! (I'll be fighting his case with the shop tomorrow). The pictures are from yesterday due to the delay in receiving them (it's a long way to Cornwall from here!).

Day 1 (morning)

This part of Cornwall is really beautiful. The sea views are awesome, rocky coves in abundance and the wildflowers are amazing. There are so many that in places it's hard not to stand on them. I always thought of bluebells as a woodland plant occasionally residing elsewhere but here they are truly a cliff plant surviving despite everything the North Atlantic throws at them.

The signs of tin mining are everywhere. It's sad to see the decline of the industry that brought wealth to this area. Still there is tourism.

Following the coast path is interesting, it isn't always well marked but you can guarantee that if there is somewhere above you you'll go there and if there is somewhere below you you'll go there immediately afterwards!

Currently at Zennor which should be tonight's stay enjoying a cup of tea and a bagel.

Day 1 (afternoon)

Apparently the first two days are the hardest so I'll be glad when I get to Gwithian. I can actually see it across the estuary from my camping spot tonight amidst the sand dunes.

I'm half a day ahead of schedule which is good because I may need a rest if it keeps up like this.

So today was about 17 miles but I've done many easier 25 mile days.

I've met some lovely people along the way which has delayed me somewhat but I wouldn't change it for the world.

The only downside to the day was finding that my brand new £600 tent leaks when it rains heavily!

Let's hope we get a heatwave some time soon.

And thank you to Dave and Caroline Singleton for their generous donation. I only spoke to them for a few minutes yesterday; what a lovely gesture.


8th January 2021 - Thank you for reading my blog.  I am walking 1215 miles as part of a personal pilgrimage but also to raise much needed funds for the Children's Society and Shelter.  Children living in poverty, people in poor housing and homeless people desperately need help in these times of Covid, and the very charities who help them are struggling to manage due to reduced donations as lockdown takes its effect.

The walk is not due to start until 7th April (Covid permitting) but I will be updating this site to let you know how my planning and preparation is going.

If you are reading and enjoying my blog please consider making a donation using the following link.

Virgin Money Giving | Lands' End to John 'o' Groats 1215 mile walk

Many Thanks,


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